Ed’s notes


A tradesman works with his hands and that’s all there is to that. The thought sprang to our minds as we put this issue of Tool Torque together because, with our heads still spinning from the high-tech revelations of issue #06, we once again fronted up to a bench littered with some amazing DEWALT innovations, this time in outdoor and landscaping equipment and the involvement with MotoGP.

That’s some mind-blowing stuff. Then we saw what Irwin has done with its Wedltec blades and we were floored again. To be honest we were starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the technology. It’s fantastic that tradies can now look for accuracy and efficiency our fathers never dreamed of, but is it at the cost of the artisan’s skills and the good eye of a truly gifted tradesman? Does all this technology mean a tradie doesn’t need to be as ‘good’ any more?

Of course it doesn’t. And we had that highlighted in a big way when we started looking at Stanley’s FatMax tape measures. Surely a simple tape measure is one of the most basic tools of any trade, and, even though Stanley has made some amazing innovations, the basic concept of measuring material and cutting or shaping it to the needs of the job in hand hasn’t changed. It takes a good tradesman to do that, no matter how advanced the equipment he uses.

Another thing we’ve noticed is really good tradesmen, people who know and understand their materials, can appreciate and make better use of good tools than less-talented people. Which leaves us once again hungry to grab the tools off the bench and see what really is the best equipment available at the moment. After that our favourite thing is to share what we’ve found. Turn the page and find out… Tom Foster – Editor