Jobsite of the future: Smart Measure Pro

Jobsite of the futureSmart Measure Pro

There’s a fine line between making sure you have enough information to ensure a profitable quote and spending too much time estimating. Imagine if there was a little gadget that could do all your estimating for you? That technology is probably a few years away, but Stanley has come up with the next best thing. The Smart Measure Pro connects to your smart phone and lets you photograph a job to be quoted and do all the measuring later. It can even do some of the measuring for you.

Want to know the area of a building to see how much paint you need? Simply snap on your Smart Measure Pro, pair up via Bluetooth, open the app and take a photo. You’ll be able to ‘trace’ the surfaces you want to paint, chop out the windows and other areas you don’t want to paint, and the app will automatically calculate the area for you. Even better, a clever little built-in material calculator tells you how much paint, insulation, bricks, blocks, drywall or tiles you might need to cover the area you’ve traced.

Smart Measure Pro will also let you measure by dragging lines across the image. So if you need to work out the length or height of a building for, say, a run of pipes or cables – no problem. It can all be done from the comfort of your couch. Talk about a time saver! Smart Measure Pro can be used from distances of up to 137m away and is accurate to +/-3%. The app is free to download (there’s a paid element for additional functionality if required), it’s available for iOS and Android phones, and the Smart Measure Pro is available at stores nationwide and retails for about $200.