Ed’s notes


It’s easy to forget. We were left shaking our heads over the efficiency of brushless motors for this issue, but when we sat down and started to do some research, it turns out the idea isn’t so new. Brushless electric motors have been around since the 1960s. So have the Rolling Stones, but unlike the greatest rock band of all time, brushless technology has kept evolving and is newer and more exciting than ever. Just like the Stones, the old technology still works hard, but it can’t cope in a modern, highly competitive environment. The brushless electric motors we looked at for this issue are micro-process or based power monsters with no moving parts. They’re smaller and lighter than their carbon-brushed predecessors and they work harder and last longer.That’s pretty much the formula for tradies today. We’re being forced to work harder for longer to stay profitable, and to do that we need tools that we can rely on for minimum downtime and maximum productivity. Brushless motors are setting the pace in the endurance and efficiency of power tools, so it’s high time we all understood what we’re looking for. You can start here with Tool Torque. We have a kick-start overview of brushless and what it means to pros. We’re always trying to cover the subjects and topics that are important to hardworking tradies. If there’s something we can find out for you, send an e-mail to tom@maynemedia.com.au and tell us what you’d like to know.