Ed’s notes


I’m a big fan of MotoGP, and it’s not easy for people to understand what it takes to survive in that world. Saying it’s like F1 on two wheels vastly underrates the commitment riders need to make. Every corner is possibly a life-or-death decision. The tiniest mistake can see a body flung through air at more than 200kph protected by nothing more than a thickness of cow hide.

And what’s even scarier is the things beyond a rider’s control.If someone in the pit crew is having a bad-hair day and doesn’t properly torque down a critical nut or bolt – and with bikes running at well over 300kph in 2017 they’re all critical – a rider can find himself in serious trouble for something that he couldn’t possibly control. That’s the kind of thing that leaves me a little awed, and when I think about the responsibility a company like DEWALT takes on when it tells the world it’s the one supplying the tools to prep bikes like that, I get a little weak in the knees.

That happens a lot, so it’s good I can turn around pick up equipment like the new Stanley outdoor gear to get the work done around the house and garden. My knees need all the help they can get. And while I’m thinking about motorsport, just wait until you cop an eyeful of the latest Sidchrome project car.

Hoo-aah! Talk about serious! That’s what we do here at Tool Torque: we look at, use and get to grips with the type of serious equipment needed to keep MotoGP bikes in front of the pack, cover trophy builds like the Sidchrome cars and even safely move tools from one job to other.

Enjoy the issue. There’s plenty of all those thing here.