What makes a great spanner?

There’s so many brands of spanner on the Australian market a bloke could go nuts just trying to buy a good, pro-quality tool. Here’s a few things to look for when you’re chasing equipment you can count on.

Anyone who’s worked on a car, bike, tractor or truck understands the importance of a great spanner. When you start a job, and you are looking forward to achieving the results, the pain of coming across rounded nuts and bolts is frustrating. The pain turns to frustration and anger when it becomes obvious the problem wasn’t the fasteners, but the tools.

Good spanners are a basic, but vital, component of any pro toolkit.

The Pros Knows

So what makes a great spanner?

Obviously using good metal and tight tolerances in manufacture are essential, but even after that there are a few aspects of a good spanner or ‘wrench’, as our American chums would say that can make mechanical jobs a great deal less stressful and even downright enjoyable.

Aussie company Sidchrome has been offering top of the line spanners and hardware since the 1930s and has a pretty fair grasp of the design and technology needed to produce a really good nut-tighteners.

Picking a Good’n

According the Sidchrome guys and girls, a good ring spanner should be designed so the contact between the tool and the fastener is on the flat side of the nut or bolt, not the corners. And for an open-ender, naturally it’s the same, but there’s a bit more to think about with the shape of the jaws. The Sidchrome open-enders uses a locking groove on the jaws to aid good grip and avert the slipping which usually results in mangled nuts and bolts and, of course, skinned knuckles and unsavoury language.

That’s enough to get you started, but if you’re really looking for professional spanners, Sidchrome has a new line that’ll do the job without you having to shop around.

440 AND 470 Pro Series

With 75 years experience, you can bet Sidchrome makes serious, no-nonsense hardware, and when it launches a range of new equipment you know it’ll be something special.

The new 440 and 470 Pro series of spanners brings to the workbench all the company has learned over the decades of making tools, and the features are impressive. Check ’em out…
● An I-BEAM shank offers more strength and delivers more torque for less effort.
● A new ring design has one side of the ring parallel to the shank, allowing location of a smaller section of fasteners.
● The sharp step-down on the ring end of the spanner helps reach tight spaces.
● Anti-slip technology uses a locking groove to prevent slippage.
● Torque Plus technology on the ring end of the spanner means contact is concentrated on the flats of the fastener, not the corners.

Thumbs Up From The Pros

Tested By Andy Goodall In The Tafe Nsw Training Centre, The Sidchrome 440 Pro Series Proved To Incorporate All The Best Features Sidchrome Spanners Are Famous For. “these Spanners Would Make A Welcome Addition To Any Serious Technician’s Toolkit,” Said Andy In Australian Car Mechanic Magazine.