Jobsite Of The Future

Tough Call

Technology, safety and efficiency you can hold in your hand. DEWALT’s new smart phone is one rugged, clever bit of gear.

Aussie tradies love innovation, and DEWALT has continued to exceed everyone’s expectations. Now the the first DEWALT MD501 Android smart phone is on its way. Everyone knows the great struggles that come with hard work on a jobsite, from army-crawling through tight underpasses to working 20m above ground. The MD501 is designed specifically to suit continuous, dayto-day use within the construction, industrial, mining and logistics industries. Tested in the most rigorously tough conditions, the MD501 goes way beyond the durability of most worksite electronics. Its design proves waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof in line with the industry standard IP68. It’s also MIL-STD 810G approved to withstand a drop of up to two metres onto solid concrete. Roger Devitto, a bricklayer from Victora said, “I’ve been using a Samsung mobile for some time. When I saw the DEWALT MD501 I had to have it! “I’ve dropped it from scaffolding into water and it’s even fallen out of my pocket onto a concrete slab. “So far, so good. No cracks or breaks and it hasn’t missed a beat!”

A Few Tips:

When it’s time to upgrade to your next phone, think about these features to guarantee the toughest phone on the block:

● Lone Worker Protection Ensuring worker safety is the number-one, most important aspect on a jobsite. New technology provides the ability alert contacts at the push of a button with Man Down detection
● Dual micro SIM Always be in touch with dual SIM slots that function at the same time in order to offer dual-network connection for business/personal differentiation
● IP68 Find a phone with the IP68 feature to provide protection against dust and water. The DEWALT MD501 can survive submerged up to two metres for 30 minutes
● MIL-STD 810G – MIL STD stands for ‘military standard’ and the 810G is designed specifically to gauge the performance levels of rugged phones and tablets in a variety of harsh environments. Any electronic device meeting MIL-STD 810G can handle some of the toughest worksite conditions