Garden party

Year round Garden preparation


Make your weathered old deck look like new.

Summer’s the perfect time to make your weathered old deck look like new. Using your DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT cordless circular saw (DCS575N-XE) and DEWALT XR Extreme circular saw blades to cut timber to size. Lay out your decking, bolt it down and finish it with some timber finisher to get that new-deck look.


Re-Evaluate your Garden.

Take a step back and look at your garden. Is it formal or casual? Do you use it for entertaining? Plan and design the landscape to best fit your needs. Think about things like uses, climate, the height of your plants, things you don’t like and maintenance time. Grab some tools and change anything you’re not happy with.


Mow your lawns.

Grasses damaged in the Summer heat will begin to reshoot and grow back to their lush green selves at this time of year. Autumn is the prime time to get your lawn ready for winter. Begin by fertilising, and once your lawn reaches 10mm mow it to maintain a healthy and tidy grass cover.


Blow away those fallen leaves.

Autumn weather causes leaves to fall. Ensure you keep a neat garden with the DEWALT 18V blower (DCV100-XE). Start at the left side of your yard and work your way to the right, making a pile you can then pick up and dump. Nice.


Cut back those dead branches!

Use your DEWALT 54V F L E X V O LT C h a i n s a w (DCM575N-XE) to cut down anything large hanging from trees and trim back small branches. It’s highly recommended to cut trees back just before the spring flowers start to bloom. Don’t forget protective gear is a must when handling a chainsaw. Get your hands on some DEWALT safety glasses and gloves to be protected in even the toughest of conditions.


Rake it up!

Rake up the leaves from your patio and paths, bag them up to make your very own compost just in time for Spring. It’s excellent fertiliser and a natural pesticide for soil.


Stay indoors!

Winter weather calls for indoor projects. Build yourself some outdoor furniture ready for Summer entertaining. Choose from a wide range of DEWALT extreme masonry bits up to 13mm to suit your DEWALT drill driver (DCD996N-XE) and get building.


Get organised.

Use this time to get your shed in order. Grab your DEWALT drill driver (DCD996N-XE) and 18V XR LI-Ion Battery and start to drill hooks to hang up your tools just in time for Spring.


Keep your lawns in shape!

Once you’ve mowed your lawns, use your DEWALT 54V FLEXVOLT String Trimmer (DCM5712N-XE) to tidy up around trees, steps and rocks.


Trim back those overgrown bushes.

You’ll want to do maintenance hedging and pruning each Summer to ensure a neat and precise shape of your hedges. There are a few popular types to choose from: box hedges which will need to be cut two to three times in the growing season; Holly which will only need to be cut once in late Summer; Berberis Darwinhill needs to be trimmed straight after flowering; Cotoneaster Lacteus gets trimmed after fruiting; and Pyracantha which is trimmed in late Summer.


Build a new veggie garden.

Create a raised garden bed using treated wood, decking screws and a DEWALT drill driver (DCD996N-XE). Once you build the bed you’ll need to fill it with nutrient-rich compost and soil to ensure maximum growth remember those leaves you bagged up in June? Position your raised bed in a sunny spot and close to the house for convenient weeding.


Hydrate your Garden.

Shower your plants in small quantities of water regularly to keep them fresh and bursting with health all Summer.