Ed’s Notes


Hands on

The Tool Torque office has become a model of efficiency since the new DEWALT phone landed on the desk. This thing rocks! And at last we don’t have to put up with the publisher storming around complaining about repair and replacement bills for phones damaged on worksites, and we don’t have sulky photographers and writers whinging about carrying two phones one for personal and one for work. The MD501 is just that tough and advanced.
The problem now is DEWALT only sent us one MD501 and everyone’s fighting over it.
Speaking of DEWALT, this is a big issue of Tool Torque for the American company, because where cordless has always been a big focus, especially with the new XR FLEXVOLT range, we’ve had a couple of interesting products to check out this issue that don’t fall under the ‘cordless’ banner. Wander through the pages and you’ll see what we mean.
The Sidchrome guys also spent some time showing us what to look for in a good spanner, and you might be surprised at just how much design and technology is involved in producing such a simple-seeming hand tool at a truly professional level.
We know we were. It’s another issue jam-packed with great, trades-standard info and equipment. Don’t lose any more time! Start reading!