Issue 08


ED´s Notes

The Tool Torque office has become a model of efficiency since the new DEWALT phone landed on the desk. This thing rocks! And at last we don’t have to put up with the publisher storming around complaining about repair and replacement bills ..

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hitting the road

DEWALT has earned its reputation for designing, engineering and building tough industrial machinery. Nowadays, these characteristics are incorporated into DEWALT’s broad range of high-performance …

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Tough call

Aussie tradies love innovation, and DEWALT has continued to exceed everyone’s expectations. Now the the first DEWALT MD501 Android smart phone is on its way. Everyone knows the great struggles that come with hard work on a jobsite..

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What makes a great spanner?

There’s so many brands of spanner on the Australian market a bloke could go nuts just trying to buy a good, pro-quality tool. Here’s a few things to look for when you’re chasing equipment you can count on…

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Garden party

Put this poster up in your shed or wherever you keep your gardening equipment. A quick glance each month will tell you what needs to be done! Summer’s the perfect time to make your weathered old deck look like new. Using your DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT cordless saw …

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Tough beyond measure

Even in today’s technological age where tradies’ toolboxes are stuffed full of lasers and all manner of gadgets, the short tape rule is still a constant. More than 50 years after its invention the tape measure is still…

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